A diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace makes us all stronger together

At DLL, we have a strong commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I). We believe it is a just and critical investment in our society and our workplace to ensure that each of us can contribute, advance and thrive.

In 2022, Carlo Van Kemenade, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board proved just that, by putting his signature on the CEO DE&I Action Pledge, on behalf of DLL. Read more

Respect and growth

Around the world, DLL employs more than 5500 people from over 75 different nationalities. When you join DLL, you become part of a culture that welcomes and celebrates diverse ideas and opinions.

A commitment to DE&I is not only a commitment to the basic respect that each person deserves. It is also a commitment to personal growth and better performance. A diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace leverages the strengths of our differences, helps each of us to perform at our best and makes us all stronger together.

Creating a welcoming and safe workplace

DE&I is a cornerstone of our vision to be a purposeful and inclusive place to work. It is all about creating safe workplaces in which each member feels accepted and welcomed for who they are. We believe this feeling is a fundamental precondition to bringing your authentic self to work and unleashing your full potential.

Everyone should feel valued and respected enough to be themselves

We encourage you to share your unique capabilities and perspectives that help us create a more diverse organization. No one in our organization should ever feel the need to leave part of their identity at home or outside the meeting room. Not just because of skin color or gender identification, but in the broadest sense of diversity.

Whether it’s your age, the way you think, or whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, you should feel valued and respected enough to be yourself. Our unique perspectives, talents and qualities make us stronger together.

Action in the workplace

We take concrete action to ensure DE&I is not just an idea, but truly anchored in our company. It all starts with building awareness throughout our company and taking away unconscious bias. For example, we actively establish local networks, organize panel discussions and provide learning programs.

We are super proud of the many initiatives and the commitment from members all over the world. Listen to our colleagues Ben Nunnikhoven, Anderson Teixeira de Paiva and Jené Hill and learn more about the local DE&I networks!

Jené champions DE&I at DLL in North America

Jené Hill is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project Manager at DLL with more than 10 years of experience in quality assurance and continuous process improvement. She is also a DE&I champion.

“My first passion will always be serving my community and workspaces that share my values for representation, equity and inclusion. My mission is to give back not just in a material sense but by helping shape minds and career paths.”

You can read Jené’s inspiring story here.

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