Potential of the Internet of Things

Creating value by connecting devices

By retrieving usage data and combining this with other data sources, the usage of the asset can be optimized and new (financial) services can be developed for the customer. IoT applications do range from basic location tracking to more advanced usage based applications.

Sensors are the driving force of IoT. In an age when almost everything can be measured, businesses no longer have to make assumptions of what the real world looks like, but they can rely on accurate and immediate measurements to adapt their businesses and products to best fill their customers’ needs. These measurements are taken by sensors; GPS sensors allow manufacturers to remotely track the location of their assets, while other sensors measure temperatures in different locations or remotely read hour meters. Every asset which is, or has the potential to be equipped with sensors, can be connected to-

the internet and unlock new business opportunities for manufacturers. To stay tuned and to develop the best possible solutions for its customers, DLL is closely following IoT trends.

IoT Bluepaper

DLL developed a bluepaper ‘Tapping into the potential of the Internet of Things’. This paper includes best practices from manufacturers operating in various industries.

Every industry uses IoT in a different way. Interested in how frontrunners use IoT applications to improve their business processes?

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